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Crumbs (a.k.a The Small Details…)

Why are my Cake Jars frozen?

Never fear…we wanted them to arrive that way! Our Cake Jars are made daily and quickly packed and frozen to keep the integrity of every morsel up to our standards. The frozen component ensures that they will stay perfect during shipping.

How long does the Cake Jar need to defrost

Our Cake Jars will defrost within 1-2 hours at room temperature. As they defrost, the jars may “sweat” or have some condensation. This is normal and we encourage you to take a dish towel and wipe the outside of the jar to get rid of any moisture. After they are defrosted, our jars will be dry and perfectly clear.

How long do Cake Jars last?

Cake Jars arrive frozen, and can stay fresh in your freezer for 6+ months. (We doubt anyone can resist them for that long…) In the fridge, our Cake Jars will last 2 weeks. At room temperature, they will last 3 days.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs are calculated based on where the package is going to and how quickly you want it there. We work closely with our shipping partners to provide the best and most competitive pricing.

Can I customize my order?

Right now, we are only offering the Rainbow and Chocolate options—along with a few graphic options for our lids. However, we are always working on evolving our customization options and we hope to launch more soon.

How are cake jars shipped?

Cake Jars are hand packed in our specialized box and insulated packaging. We also include dry ice to keep the Cake Jars frozen until they are unpacked and defrosted. The dry ice is…well, super-crazy-cold so please wear a glove or use a towel to move it while unpacking your box.

Who do I contact if there is an issue with my order?

Please email us directly at kfirsel@firselmedia.com and we will email you back within 24 hours.

Are Cake Jars gluten free? Or dairy free? Or vegan? Or nut free?

Unfortunately…no, no, no and no. But, good news! We are working on a gluten-free version and we hope to launch that soon.

What are the ingredients of your cake jars?

A good pastry chef would never give away the sweet details of a recipe—so we can’t say much other than we use fresh eggs, unbleached cake flour, real sugar, and real butter. We use the finest baking ingredients and each cake jar is handmade by Chicago-based pastry chefs in our state of the art commercial bakery.

Any more questions?

Email us at kfirsel@firselmedia.com

This is the most amazing cake!
It tastes just as good as it looks! Yummy!!

Jennifer B.